PPO: The Final Four Make a Deal, Tomasello Takes the Trophy and $13,000

Tommy Tomasello

With the elimination of Mark Milburn in 5th place the pace of play began to come to a crawl. The players agreed to take a moment and discuss and adjusted payout deal.

It didn’t take long for them to come to an agreement and chip leader Tommy Tomasello will take home $13,000 and his first Pittsburgh Poker Open title. Dolphy Garricks will take second place for $12,331 and Chris Meyers rounds out the top thre with $11,830.

(Left to Right) Tommy Tomasello, Chris Meyers, Robine Elias, Dolphy Garricks

A short stacked Robine Elias takes fourth and $5,834. This concludes our PPO Main Event coverage and all of the winners are listed below.

1st Place: Tommy Tomasello-$13,000+PPO trophy
2nd Place: Dolphy Garricks- $12,331
3rd Place: Chris Meyers- $11,830
4th Place: Robine Elias- $5,834
5th Place: Mark Milburn- $3,791
6th Place: Budwey Salhab- $2,978
7th Place: Jake Seung- $2,437
8th Place: Jonathan Love- $1,949


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