2017 Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event Champion: Greg Brletich

Brletich with his title-clinching hand while honoring his dog, Jack.

The largest hand of the heads-up match put Ali’s stack nearly to the felt.  On the button, Greg raised to 70,000 preflop and Ali called.

Flop:  3♥ 10♣ 4♣

Ali checked and Brletich bet 100,000.  Ali raised to 400,000 and Brletich 3-bet with an all-in move.  Ali called the all-in.

Brletich showed his hand of  10♠ 3♠, flopping two-pair.

Ali turned over his flush draw with Q♣ 8♣.

Turn:  7♦

River:  K♦

Ali was forced to go all-in every hand in an attempt to double-up.  Brletich waited for a hand and finally received pocket 5s to put Ali at risk of elimination.

Brletich:  5♦ 5♥

Ali:  A♥ 8♦

Flop:  6♠ 2♣ J♦

Turn:  6♥

River:  3♣

The hand secured the PPO Main Event Title for Brletich.

Congratulations to both Greg Brletich and Ricky Ali.  Brletich earned the right to be called “the best poker player in Pittsburgh.”  As for Ali, he was already well-known in the Pittsburgh poker community.  Ali solidified his status as one of the top players in Pittsburgh and is capable of unlimited poker success in future events.  Both players did an amazing job of representing all poker players in the Pittsburgh-area.

1st Place:  Greg Brletich ($38,296)

2nd Place:  Ricky Ali ($23,251)

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