Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 2): Win Races, Win Tournaments

Level 16 (3000/6000/1000)

Total PPO Main Event Entries:  141

PPO Main Event Players Remaining:  16

PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack:  352,500

Jason Removcik watches his fate unfold as his suited A K went against Craig Bradich’s pocket Js.

Bradich sees the Ace hit the flop and realizes the outlook is bleak.

Hand-for-hand play continues at the final two tables.  Table 1 experienced some serious action on the level.

Bradich called Removcik’s preflop shove and attempted to end Removcik’s tournament.  Removcik spiked an Ace on the flop to survive.  The loss decimated Bradich’s chip stack.  Bradich was eliminated quickly after this hand.

Bradich:  J♥ J♣

Removcik:  A♠ K♠

Flop:  3♣ A♦ 10♣

Turn:  3♥

River:  Q♦



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