Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 2): Preview

Casey Yontz has the fifth highest stack heading into Day 2.  He is definitely one of the favorites to take home the PPO Main Event Title.

Good morning and hopefully everyone slept well before today’s drive to the Final Table.

Daylight Saving Time did not help.


Let’s take a look at the details of the PPO Main Event Day 2.

We will begin at Level 15 with the following blinds:  2500/5000/500.  Level 16 will be 3000/6000/ 1000.  There will be a break each time two levels are completed.  Also, there will be a redraw when 18 players remain.

Which players are the ones to watch?  Well, after witnessing the great poker play from Day 1A and 1B, I will refrain on any attempts at prophecy.

However, some players have built tremendous stacks which make them favored.  The top five stacks are as follows:

Adam Fincham:  $419,500

Chris Dilts:  407,500

Roy Kramer:  400,500

Greg Brletich:  362,500

Casey Yontz:  279,000

The bottom stacks have significant work to do early.  David Trask (84,500), Mark Milburn (73,000), Michael Witkowski (55,000), James Trott (51,000), and Rob Quigley (50,000) round out the bottom stacks.

In the middle of the field, several poker professionals and highly experienced players remain.  Notably, Matt Glantz comes into Day 2 with 192,000.  Nicholas Immekus has 163,000 to work with.

Matt Glantz

Nicholas Immekus

The Final Table is in sight.  We will follow the action and keep you posted throughout Day 2.


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