Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 2): March – The Month of Tournament Shockers

Level 15 (2500/5000/500)

Total PPO Main Event Entries:  141

PPO Main Event Players Remaining:  29

PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack:  194,483

Ricky Ali making his move for the Final Table.  

Casey Yontz run to the PPO Main Event Final Table surprisingly ended early in Day 2.  It is certainly not surprising, however, that Ricky Ali was the one with the knockout.  Ali, on the big blind, showed his grit by calling Yontz’s button shove.  Yontz showed A 6 off-suit as Ali revealed K J off-suit.  The flop left Yontz needing runners that didn’t come, as Ali flopped two pair.


Starting the day fourth in chips, Greg Brletich continues to expand his stack as he sends one of the tournament favorites, Matt Glantz, to the rail.  

Brletich and Glantz were all-in preflop with Glantz needed some help from the board.

Brletich:  10♠ 10♦

Glantz:  A♣ 3♣

Flop:  5♥ 9♦ Q♣

Turn:  6♠

River:  Q♦

Glantz and Yontz being eliminated early in Day 2 was quite a shock.  In March, these things happen.

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