Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 1B): Steel City Welcomes Group 1B


Level 1 (75/150/25)

Total PPO Main Event Entries:  *Updated at noon

PPO Main Event Players Remaining:  *Updated at noon

PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack: 40,000

Group 1B poker players, welcome to the Rivers Casino Poker Room.  Here at Rivers, we take great pride in providing the best tournament experiences in one of the Northeast’s top poker rooms.  We hope you enjoy your journey in becoming the best poker player in Pittsburgh.   

There is so much in store for today and the remainder of the weekend.  The excitement of having the event covered by Poker Night in America adds to this prestigious tournament.  Everyone can also take in the action of Poker Night in America’s Cash Game, which will be filmed today and tomorrow in the poker room, starting at 3:00 pm EST. 

Once again, thank you.  The cards will be in the air soon. 


Please keep in mind the following tournament rules:

Registration, late entry, and unlimited re-entry will end when Level 9 completes.

All late entries and re-entries will receive a full chip stack.

Any player who finishes more than one Day 1 flight will only be entitled to take the largest stack forward to Day 2.

Levels will be 45 minutes in length on Day 1, 60 minutes on Day 2, and 90 minutes for the Final Table.

Day 1 will run Levels 1 – 14.  Day 2 will run until the Final Table is reached. 

Redraws will occur at the end of each day until there are less than 28 players remaining.  Redraws will then occur at 27, 18, and 10 players.

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