Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 1A): Trip Perks? None.


Perkins’ Set vs Cianelli’s Boat. Perkins Assessing the Hand.

Level 7 (400/800/100)
Total PPO Main Event Entries: 53
PPO Main Event Players Remaining: 26
PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack: 81,538

Chris Perkins’ re-entry landed him at Table 2. Trying to rebound from his tough defeat earlier to Phillip Zendt (set of 6s to a straight), Perkins won a large pot in a showdown with Larry Pileggi. Soon after, however, trips failed him again. In a hand versus Vic Cianelli, Perkins had J 10 off-suit with the flop adding a 10. The battle concluded with Cianelli making a healthy bet and Perkins calling after a very long decision. Cianelli showed pocket 3s for a full house and continued to be one of the top contenders to take home the PPO title. We have not given Vic much love in our coverage today, but we acknowledge that he is a dangerous player.
Now, back to Perkins’ misfortunes after flopping a set. We caught up to him and he was very polite in talking about the hands. “It’s been a tough battle,” stated Perkins. “I was up to 80,000 at one point (after the rebuy). The J 10 hand brought me down to around 50,000. After that, I got it all-in with Qs to 3s, investing 17,000. The river gave me a loss to a straight.” Nearing the dinner break, Perkins has approximately 24,000 in chips.

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