Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 1A): Pay to Play


Level 9 (600/12000/200)
Total PPO Main Event Entries: 53
PPO Main Event Players Remaining: 24
PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack: 88,333

If you are seated at Table 3, you better get on board or get run over. These players are not hesitant to put chips into the middle and see flops. Particularly, Mike Asti, Dave Eldridge, Jim Beadnell, David Serkoch, Todd Anderson, Stepan Gusak, Rick Colonello, Jason Removcik, Keith Morrow, and…well, now that is the entire table.
A span of 11 out of 12 hands contained a preflop raise and at least one caller. The following are some of the notable hands the players at Table 3 experienced in Level 9:
After protecting their blinds on a preflop raise, Stepan Gusak and Mike Asti tussled over a 9h 5s 10h flop. Gusak bet large after the 10h came on the turn. Asti pondered his next move for a significant amount of time before folding.
In cutoff position, Mike Asti opened to 3,200. Dave Eldridge called on the button and Jim Beadnell called on the big blind. Flop: As Kd Ah. Beadnell and Asti checked, so Eldridge fired 4,400 into the pot. Beadnell called while Asti folded. Turn: 8d. Both players saw a free river of 5h. Beadnell bet 6,500, which forced Eldridge to fold.
Stepan Gusak experienced one of the toughest beats of the day. Mike Asti was under the gun and opened with a standard raise. Jim Beadnell called and Gusak 3-bet all-in from the small blind. Asti folded and Beadnell gradually called to put Gusak’s tournament at risk. Gusak showed Kc Qh while Beadnell had Kd Qd. Gusak could not avoid the diamonds as two of them hit the flop (10d 3d 4c). Turn: 7h. River: Ad. Beadnell made the correct call on the all-in and his stack benefited tremendously.
A highly entertaining hand did not even make it to the flop. Keith Morrow hijacked to 2,900 followed by Todd Anderson’s 3-bet in the cutoff to 6,500. Mike Asti 4-bet to 16,600 from the small blind. Once again, Asti’s style paid off as Morrow and Anderson folded.
These players provided a high level of excitement prior to dinner break. The collisions between Asti and Eldridge were truly classic.

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