Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 1A): Ice…Ice…Fire

Level 7 (400/800/100)
Total PPO Main Event Entries: 53
PPO Main Event Players Remaining: 26
PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack: 81,538

Immediately after the 15-minute break, Table 1 experienced a lull with ice-cold cards and action. Blinds were predominantly stolen. In fact, this occurred on three consecutive hands. It became commonplace for hands to end without seeing a flop. The table had several small hands, where poker professional Matt Glantz won his fair share of them. Sitting to the right of Glantz, Danny Ciaramella commented to the table about the intense action prior to the break, but the new level was a dead zone. To drive this point home further, hands 10 and 13 after the break both included three players to the flop. Not one player led out on the turn and the river and a winner had to be awarded by showing a low pair and a high card respectively.
Hand 16 was quite different, however. In middle-position, Jim Hoy opened to 2,000. Bill Miller protected his big blind. Flop: Kh 4c Jh. Miller checked and Hoy bet 3,000. Miller called and the turn: 10h. Both players checked and the river card showed 8s. Miller checked to entice a bet from Hoy. Hoy’s instincts were correct by also checking. Hoy turned over Ah As. Miller revealed Qh 9h for a straight flush. Once again, great instincts by Hoy. If the river card was a heart, great instincts would have to be superhuman instincts. Nonetheless, the ice was broken.

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