Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (1B): Sting Like a Bee

apowerflopRicky Ali bets the turn against Mark Longo

Some of the greatest personalities you will meet are at a poker table.  Table 7 is a great example.

While covering the table, Ali commented about how atypical it is to see bloggers wearing a suit.  The table certainly was not uptight as it seemed like a home game.  At one point, in a three-way hand with a board of 6s 3d 8d and a turn of 9s, Ali bet the other players out.  He flashed his Kh 7h to the blogger showing his straight draw.  Although the atmosphere was loose, the quality of poker from this group was exceptional.  These recorded hands speak for themselves:

Richard Finberg opened from the button to 2,100.  He was called by Brad Pietropola and Mark Longo.

Flop:  4h 9c 5h

It was checked to Finberg who bet 3,500.  Mark Longo re-raised to 7,000 and Finberg called.

Turn:  3d

Mark Longo shoved all-in and took the pot.


The following hand, needless to say, was also an important one in the tournament, especially for Ricky Ali and Jim Garr.  On a board of Ks 9h Qc, Ali flopped the straight with Jc 10c and doubled-up after he called Garr’s all-in on the turn.  Garr mucked his hand, but later revealed that he had A K off-suit.  The hand propelled Ali and he is currently a force that is difficult to beat.




1 thought on “Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (1B): Sting Like a Bee”

  1. Great to be able to follow the action of the PPO & PNIA when you cant be there to follow live. Great to read about exciting hands and and get comments and reactions from the players. Kudos to the blogger.


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