Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (1B): I’m Good with a Chop

Level 6 (300/600/100)

Total PPO Main Event Entries:  129 + Late Entries

PPO Main Event Players Remaining:  129

PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack:  40,000

A river 4 saves A♦ Q♣

Here’s the hand:

Adam Marshall opened to 2,000 and was 3-bet by Mike Marzano to 5,500.  Chris Dilts called in the cutoff position.  Marshall shoved all-in for 14,050 and was gradually called by both players.

Flop:  7♦ 6♥ 5♦

Marzano checked and Dilts pushed all-in.  Marzano folded.  Dilts turned over his pocket Ks (K♣ K♥) and Marshall revealed his A♦ Q♣.

Turn:  3♦

River:  4♠

The straight on the both gave both players the chop.  Marshall was content with that result.


The following hand, Dilts received some slight retribution.  Rob Quigley opened to 1,500 in middle position and was called by Dilts for a heads-up hand.

Flop:  10♥ 10♦ 8♠

Quigley led out with a bet of 3,000.  Dilts raised to 6,000 and Quigley eventually folded.  Dilts showed his pocket 8s for a full house.


Chris Dilts – Poker Player from Philipsburg, PA

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