Pittsburgh Poker Open Main Event (Day 1A): Everything Zendt



Level 5 (250/500/50)
Total PPO Main Event Entries: 44
PPO Main Event Players Remaining: 32
PPO Main Event Average Chip Stack: 55,000

Phillip Zendt started his climb at Table 3 with one huge pot while on the button, holding 10d, 9h. Ricky Ali opened with 1,200 in early position and was called by Chris Perkins in middle position, Phillip on the button, and James R. Smith on the big blind. To the detriment of the other players in the hand, Phillip received a flop of 8c 7h 6c. James checked as did Ricky and Chris. Phillip came out with a bet of 3,500. Chris called after a fold by James and Ricky. Kd arrived as the turn card. Chris checked and Phillip put 12,000 into the pot. Chris shoved all-in and was immediately called by Phillip with his straight. Chris showed 6h, 6s for a set and needed to spike a river card. The Jd on the river eliminated Chris from the tournament.
Other than this game-changing hand for Phillip, building a stack at this table has not been an easy task. Despite a lot of chatter, positive and sometimes humorous, the level of play is elite. Stepan Gusak and David Serkoch have been involved in the majority of the conversations. They have also been involved in the majority of the pots…and it’s not easy taking one from them.

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