PNIA Main Event (Day 3): Stan Fudor Retakes The Chip Lead

Level 24 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total Entrants: 122
Players Remaining: 3
Average Stack: 1,625,000

After starting Day 3 as the chip leader, Stan Fudor is back in control after doubling through Zachary Mullennix.

Stan Fudor started the final table as the chip leader and is once again on top after winning a crucial all-in against Zachary Mullennix. Mullennix was able to knock out the first two players at the final table by having them dominated when the chips went in but Fudor was able to get the better of him and doubled up as a result.

Fudor opened to 90,000 from the button and face a three-bet from Mullennix to 245,000 out of the small blind. Fudor called and the flop came out K9♠7♠. Mullennix open shoved to put Fudor all-in and the short stack called for his last 700,000. Fudor was ahead with K♣J and would need to fade the over card and the backdoor draw of Mullennix A♣5.

The 3 turn and 8 river were safe for Fudor and he is now the chip leader with over 2,000,000 while Mullennix is back to 1,250,000.

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