PNIA Main Event (Day 3): 4th Place – Mark Bowersock ($15,266)

Level 24 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total Entrants: 122
Players Remaining: 3
Average Stack: 1,625,000

4th Place: Mark Bowersock ($15,266)

After the elimination of David Ferringer, Mark Bowersock was the new short stack at this final table. Despite having a workable stack, Bowersock was soon all-in against Zachary Mullennix in a preflop confrontation. Bowersock’s aggressive play earned him a lot of pots this weekend but he ran into a bad spot against Mullennix to be eliminated.

Bowersock opened for 105,000 from the small blind and was three-bet by Mullennix out of the big blind to 255,000. With roughly 700,000 behind, Bowersock four-bet jammed and was snapped off by Mullennix.

Similar to the elimination of David Ferringer, Mullennix had another potential victim dominated with AK against Bowersock’s A♣5♣. The Q♣10♠8910♣ runout was as clean as could be for Mullennix. Bowersock will take home over $15,000 for his final table run while Mullennix is now over 2,200,000.

With nearly half the chips in play in his stack, it will be interesting to see how Mullennix proceeds three-handed against Stan Fudor and Jeremy Halaska.

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