PNIA Main Event (Day 2): Field Starting To Thin Early

Level 15 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entrants: 122
Players Remaining: 24
Average Stack: 203,000

Frank Poerio is climbing the leaderboard on Day 2 following his elimination of Phil Geisler. 

With a number of short stacks in the field to start Day 2, it was not much of a surprise to see them get involved early in an effort to double or die trying. Unfortunately for many of them, the latter occurred and the field is now nine away from the money as a result.

Among the recipients of the early dismissals is Frank Poerio, who knocked out Phil Geisler and is now over 200,000 as a result. Giesler got his last 80,000 all-in with A♠Q♣ and would need to catch against the K♣K of Poerio. Geisler got a fair sweat as the first four cards came out 9♠52♣4♣ to give him a wheel draw to go along with his over card. The 2♠ on the river was no help, though, and he hit the rail.

On an adjacent table, Stepan Gusak and David Eldridge were sent out with Steven Gurney-Goldman and Dave Tumpa doing most of the respective dirty work. The field will redraw at 18 players and that time may come sooner than expected if the current rate of eliminations keeps up.

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