PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 12th and 11th Place – Donald Jackson & Grant Lee ($3,728)

Level 18 (5,000/10,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 122
Players Remaining: 10
Average Stack: 488,000

The Level 18 action continues to be at a fever pitch as the final table has been set with the eliminations of Donald Jackson and Grant Lee.

12th Place: Donald Jackson ($3,728)
11th Place: Grant Lee ($3,728)

Jackson had his stack sink down to less than  150,000 once the money bubble burst and never fully rebuilt. Jackson had the rest of his chips move over to Ben Anolik when Jackson’s A♣2♣ failed to catch up to Anolik’s AK. Anolik has been among the big movers on Day 2 and is closing in on 650,000.

Lee found himself tangled up with Stan Jablonski and was eliminated just short of the final table. On a flop of Q65♠, Jablonski bet 20,000 and Lee called to the 7♣ turn. Jablonski bet again, this time for 55,000 and Lee raised to 120,000. Jablonski responded by putting Lee all-in for his last 100,000 or so and Lee called only to be shown 4♠3♠ for a turned straight.

Lee’s 88♠ would need help heading to the river but a brick hit to send Lee out and Jablonski over 725,000. The final 10 are drawing for seats and the redraw will be posted shortly.

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