PNIA Main Event (Day 1B): Jeremy Halaska Doubles At The Buzzer

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Day 1B Entrants: 90
Total Entrants: 122

Jeremy Halaska picked the right time to squeeze and is playing a healthy stack near the end of Day 1B play. 

The last two levels of Day 1A provided plenty of action and Day 1B has been no different as short stacks are trying to find a much-needed double before the end of the night. Jeremy Halaska was one of those short stacks but is now back up to about 130,000 as a result of a three-way all-in.

The action all started with Mark Bowersock opening from 9,000 from early position and getting calls from Bill Reilly in the cutoff and the player on the button. From the small blind, Halaska squeezed his stack of 47,500 into the middle. Bowersock called Halaska’s all-in but the button then back raised for 72,500 total. Bowersock flicked a T25,000 chip in and the cards were revealed.

Bowersock had the best hand with 77♠ but would have to fade trouble against Halaska’s J8 and the A♣Q♣ of the button.

The 108♠3 flop paired Halaska and gave him additional flush draw outs. The 2♠ turn was clean and the 8 river secured Halaska his double and then some. Bowersock took the small side pot to stay over 200,000 while Halaska is more than healthy heading into the last level of play.

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