PNIA Main Event (Day 1B): Rivers Regs Looking For Breakthrough

Level 4 (200/400/50)
Day 1B Entrants: 63
Total Entrants: 95

No matter how much relatively speaking a player accomplishes in their poker career, the breakthrough tournament win is always at the top of this list on resume building achievements. Two players in Day 1B have plenty of quality packed into their poker career, but a win in the PNIA Main Event would elevate them to a new stratosphere.

Corrine Pranevich has made it deep in a few Rivers Poker Room Main Events and has come close a few times to sealing the deal. Pranevich has third and eighth place finishes in PPO finales to her name along with $50,000 in career tournament earnings. Most of those earnings have come in Rivers events and she has her mind set on adding to that haul this weekend. 
Bobby Noel cashed in April’s PNIA Main Event and recently crossed the $100,000 mark in earnings. Noel is another player who makes a living playing cash at Rivers and is scheduled to play in tomorrow’s Poker Night “Cash Game.” Those plans may change, though, as Noel has a chance to make Day 2 of this event and possibly take down his second PPO title. 

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