PNIA Main Event (Day 1A): Ronald Morandini Leads Heading Into The Homestretch

Level 14 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entrants: 32

Players Remaining: 12

Ronald Morandini is in command of the chip lead as we enter the last level of play on Day 1A of the PNIA Main Event. 

The tournament clock recently ticked over to Level 14 and players are now in their final 45-minute stanza of Day 1. James R. Smith was the chip leader after dinner break but has since ceded his title to Ronald Morandini, who is currently the only player over 200,000. Morandini has come on strong over the last few levels and recently got the better of Frank Bonacci to move into his current place on the leaderboard.

Bonacci opened for 10,000 cutoff and was promptly three-bet by Morandini to 25,000. The two blinds released and Bonacci went for a four-bet to 53,000. Morandini dropped in calling chips and the two saw a 5♠3♣2♠ flop. Bonacci relinquished the betting lead and checked to Morandini who put out 37,000. After taking an inventory of his opponent’s stack and mulling over his options, Bonacci let it go and Morandini took in the pot.

We will see if Morandini is able to keep his lead for the remainder of the level before the bags come out. As play wraps up for the night, the Rivers Poker Room blog will return with a recap of the day along with full counts from the surviving players for this flight.

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