PNIA Main Event (Day 1A): Poker Night “Cash Game” In Play This Weekend

Level 5 (250/500/50)
Total Entrants: 23

As we have noted over the course of this week, the Poker Night in America “Cash Game” has made its way to Pittsburgh and with sessions to be played on Saturday and Sunday. The sessions will be live streamed on Twitch with plenty of big names and familiar names to be featured. The Rivers Poker Room would like to encourage all those following the action to tweet at and follow their favorite players participating in the session.

Additionally, for anyone interested in attending the “Cash Game,” it will be taking place from 12:00 pm and 7:00 pm in the Rivers Poker Room. All those looking to check out the high stakes action is welcome to come and watch. Below is a look at the lineup for this weekend along links to respective Twitter accounts for those playing.


Shaun Deeb
Todd Brunson
Kyle Bowker
Eli Elezra
Brandon Cantu
Kane Kalas
Nicholas Immekus (Rivers Poker Room qualifier)


David Eldridge
Jack Schanbacher
Kyle Bowker
Todd Brunson
Brandon Cantu
Shaun Deeb
Bobby Noel (Rivers Poker Room qualifier)

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