PNIA Main Event (Day 1A): James Trott Out In Front

Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entrants: 30

James Trott has found some leeway through the first couple of levels and is over 125,000 as a result on Day 1A of the PPO Main Event. 

It is still relatively early in today’s Day 1A session but already we have a few players setting themselves apart from the field. Leading the way is James Trott, who is nearing 130,000 only a level from the dinner break. Trott has been dealing with Eli Elezra and Frank Dellaria, among others, at his table but that hasn’t stopped him from climbing the ranks.

Trott has a few smaller scores at Rivers to his name but a win in this event would be his first in a PPO event. With registration and re-entry open for close to another two hours, we expect to see the field grow a little bit more today before all is said and done.

The field is just over halfway completed with their Day 1 session and it will be interesting to see what top stacks net out at by the time all is said and done. Players will finish Level 9 and then head out on a 60-minute dinner break before the field size for today is finalized.

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