Event 9: Final Table Reached, Nino Loverso Out In Front

Level 12 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entrants: 58
Players Remaining: 9
Average Stack: 97,500

Andrew Chicase eliminated a player after dinner and starts the final table second in chips. 

It didn’t take long for our final table to be reached as Andrew Chicase sent a player to the rail with pockets queens in the first hand after the dinner break. Chicase is up to 155,000 with the elimination and trails only Nino Loverso as the final table gets underway. There is a wide gap between the short stacks and big stacks and it will be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out.

Below is a look at the table draw for the finalists by seating assignment.

  1. Jerry Humphrey – 57,000
  2. Robert Nolen – 80,000
  3. Andrew Chicase – 155,000
  4. James R. Smith – 130,000
  5. John Brock – 40,000
  6. Tim Berkey – 70,000
  7. Nico Loverso – 165,000
  8. Carl DiGiorgio – 135,000
  9. Todd McFeeley – 33,000
  10. Ryan Socrates – (Eliminated in 10th place)

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