Event 9: Carl DiGiorgio Puts Field On The Bubble

Level 13 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entrants: 58
Players Remaining: 7
Average Stack: 124,000

Carl DiGiorgio is about as relaxed as can be with the chip lead on the direct bubble of the Event 9 final table. 

It took a few hands but the Event 9 final table is now one elimination from being in the money thanks to Carl DiGiorgio who knocked out two players in as many hands.

The first to go was Todd McFeeley, who was all-in for 24,500 from under the gun and found a call from DiGiorgio in the big blind. It was a flip for McFeeley with his 66♠ slightly ahead of DiGiorgio’s KJ. The 9♣75♠ flop was safe for McFeeley but the J♣ turn was not. Needing a six or eight, McFeeley found neither and hit the rail.

Next up was Tim Berkey, who moved in for 12,500 from the cutoff with DiGiorgio calling from the small blind. Berkey was live with 87 against DiGiorgio’s A♠K. The A♣5♠4♠ flop pushed DiGiorgio further ahead and consecutive bricks sealed Berkey’s fate.

The field is now on a $1,322 bubble as Jerry Humphrey is the new short stack with about 65,000 while DiGiorgio is now the chip leader with 180,000.

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