Event 9: 1st Place: James R. Smith ($5,785)

Level 17 (5,000/10,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 58
Players Remaining: 1
Average Stack: 870,000

Pittsburgh Poker Open Event 9 Champion – James R. Smith

James R. Smith started his Pittsburgh Poker Open off strong by taking fourth in the “Pittsburgh Hammer” last week but found an even better finish today. Smith weaved his way through a field of 58 that included some of the top players on the current “Player of the Series” leaderboard.

Smith was near the top of the chip counts from the start of play and grew stronger as the day moved forward. Following the dinner break, Smith became unstoppable as he eliminated the final three players standing in his way. With the victory, Smith earns his first recorded PPO title along with 50 points that put him in the top-five on the “POTS” list.

We will see Smith back here for this weekend’s main event as he goes for another high placing finish in what has already been a tremendous series.

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