Event 8: PLO Final Table Hits

Level 13 (3,000/6,000)
Total Entrants: 81
Players Remaining: 8
Average Stack: 152,000

Robin Fisher enters tonight’s final table with the chip lead as we hit the home stretch in the PLO event. 

What supposed to be a final table of 10 is now a final table of eight for tonight’s PLO event. The eight remaining players are closely bunched together with the chip leaders currently playing slightly over 200,000. Among the players  in the lead is Robin Fisher, who can win her first Pittsburgh Poker Open final table should she outlast her seven opponents. Of note, two players have wished to remain anonymous and their names are reflected by pseudonyms. Below is a look at the chip counts for the Pot Limit Omaha final table.

  1. Dom Sarnese Jr. – 100,000
  2. Jimmy Chen – 170,000
  3. Rob McConnell – 140,000
  4. Danny Ocean – 210,000
  5. Miugyuan Xu – 130,000
  6. Rusty Ryan – 100,000
  7. Robin Fisher – 225,000
  8. Hunter McClelland – 140,000

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