The Pittsburgh Hammer November 2016 Flight 1F and 1G Chip Counts Event #1 Pittsburgh Poker Open Fall Series

The Pittsburgh Hammer Flight 1F Chip Counts

John Sahosky 215,000
Anthony Sawczyn 139,000
Trevor Tracy 137,500
Emad Mehdizadeh 129,500
Mike Foglia 123,500
Allen Ostadali 103,000
Richard Finberg 90,000
Bob Raspet 89,600
Christopher Davis 88,500
Bob Aleksivich 34,500

The Pittsburgh Hammer Flight 1G Chip Counts

Joe Valorie 289,000
John Mcauley 257,500
Matthew Shultis 217,000
Mark Bowersock 195,500
Joe Macri 193,500
Jeffrey Nero 189,000
Bob Aleksivich 171,000
Michael Merrifield 152,500
Ryan Socrates 124,500
Shane Lubish 119,000
Bernie Dominiak 113,200
Jimmy Stevens 93,000
John Kulp 90,000
John Brock 83,000
Carter DeVault 81,500
David Serkoch 81,000
Bobby Noel 75,500
Greg Brletich 74,000
Robert Vilardi 67,500
Robert Matuszewski 67,000
Matthew Taylor 65,500
Andrew Chicase 53,500
Tim Mulroy 47,000

Flight 1F and 1G of The Pittsburgh Hammer are in the books. We had 46 entries for Flight 1F. 10 players bagged to advance to Day 2 which will be on Sunday, November 13th at 12pm.

We had 111 entries for Flight 1G. 23 players bagged to advance to Day 2 which will be on Sunday, November 13th at 12pm.

Registration is open on Day 2 for the first two levels. The buy-in is $1,100 which gets you 100,000 in chips.

A full schedule of events for the Pittsburgh Poker Open can be found here,


Through 7 flights we now have 371 total entries (Halfway through the final flight), with 70 bagged and ready for Day 2.


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