The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 8th Place – Chuck Scaglione ($2,654)

img_09201After a slow start to the final table, the action has definitely picked up as we have had 2 players knocked out over the last 3 hands. While Iverson Snuffer did not get the knock out this time, it was not for lack of effort. Chuck Scaglione who had been getting blinded down the last few rounds ended up with his tournament life on the line in a 3 way pot involving Snuffer and Christopher Davis. All In pre flop holding 10 Q Chuck ended up getting called by Snuffer holding an A 10 as well as Christopher Davis who held A J . After a flop of 2♠ K♠ 10♠ and a turn of Q♠ Chuck had to be hopeful no one held a spade as Snuffer and Davis checked to see the river. An A hit the river, giving Chuck some hope with 2 pair, until Snuffer turned over a higher 2 pair, and Davis turned over his Broadway to send Chuck home in 8th place with $2,654. With the knockout, Christopher Davis padded his stack and climbed up over 2.5 million in chips.

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