The Pittsburgh Hammer October 2016 Day 2 Dinner Break

Level 24 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total Pittsburgh Hammer Entries: 554
Players Remaining: 19
Chip Average: 784,211

We are on a dinner break for Day 2 of The Pittsburgh Hammer. 19 players remain and will resume play at approx. 8:30pm. With the chip leader sitting at 2.2 Million, and the short stacks at 300k, the tournament is still wide open. Upon resuming after the Dinner Break, we look forward to posting more of the action, and a list of approximate chip stacks for the remaining players. The payouts for 33rd through 20th are below,

20th $1,074 Martin Bertolino
21st $948 Patrick McKitrick
22nd $948 James Pisano
23rd $948 Joe Reichenbacher
24th $948 Derek Dempsey
25th $948 Anthony Fields
26th $821 Cliff Rector
27th $821 Rich Eberly
28th $821 Allen Ostadali
29th $821 Trevor Tracy
30th $821 Dan Dengate
31st $695 Henry Lawson
32nd $695 Sean Rogan
33rd $695 Jim Crumbley

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