The Pittsburgh Hammer Chip Counts Flights 1F

With six of the eight flights down, The October Pittsburgh Hammer tournament is on a record pace. Flight 1F added another 78 players to bring the total to 335 entries, with the two biggest flights going off tomorrow at 12pm and 7pm. 18 players from the field advanced to Day 2. We look forward to bringing you updates on Day 2 with hand information, knock outs, and payouts. Chip counts are below, and complete Satellite and Flight information is available here,  http://bit.ly/2dhlCqO

Name Chips
Dean Burkhammer 233,000
Jake Sung 171,500
James Gruseck 169,500
Darrell Marbury 164,500
Frederick Williams 155,000
Calvin Snead 131,500
Alan Trosky 123,500
James Pisano 119,000
Allen Ostadali 108,000
Chang Lee 93,500
Martin Bertolino 77,500
Shane Rusnack 72,000
Ryan Slanicka 70,500
Richard Eberly 64,000
William Reilly 60,000
Robert Goerl Jr 48,500
Matthew Taylor 48,500
Rick Colonello 39,500

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