The Pittsburgh Hammer October 2016 Flight 1E Chip Counts

The Pittsburgh Hammer is just over halfway through with Flight 1E wrapping up today at 7pm. We had 68 runners for the 12pm start, a huge number to add to the quickly growing total. With well over 300 players already in, and our three biggest flights yet to come, going over 600 entries looks like a strong possibility. Of the 68 entries in 1E, 19 bagged and tagged for Day 2. Chip counts are below, and complete Satellite and Flight information is available here,  http://bit.ly/2dhlCqO

Name Chips
Scott Schneider 175,000
Ricky Ali 152000
Neal Lilienthal 141,500
Frank Dellaria 138,000
Donald Crumbley 136,000
Stan Fudor 117,500
John Horvatich 99,000
Stuart Myers 98,000
Brian Patterson 93,500
Thomas McKeough 85,500
Mingyan Xu 79,000
Gary Schwartz 75,000
Jim Garr 73,000
Tod Denny 73000
Dustin Temesvary 60,500
Scott Parry 52,000
Rob Powell 47,800
Dustin McMaster 41,000
Mark Hughes Jr 23,000

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