The Pittsburgh Hammer October 2016 Flight 1C Chip Counts

Flight 1C of The Pittsburgh Hammer has just wrapped up. The field saw a big number for a Thursday afternoon with close to 60 players buying in for the $250 entry. 12 Players bagged to advance to day 2, joining the 19 players who bagged yesterday. With four more flights on Friday and Saturday, this Pittsburgh Hammer has a chance to break the 600 player mark.  We are well ahead of our pace from May in which we had a record 552 players. Chip counts are below, and complete Satellite and Flight information is available here, http://bit.ly/2dhlCqO

Richard Tatalovich 177,500
Joseph Reichenbacner 174,000
Robert Poe 171,500
Jon Sweet 140,000
Pat McKitrick 138,000
Andrew Mazur 121500
Darren Gensler 118,000
John Brock 109,500
Jason Removcik 103,000
Joseph Savage 99,500
Williams Givens 54,000
Brad Sanders 43,500

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