The Pittsburgh Hammer October 2016 Flight 1A + 1B Chip Counts

Below is the combined chip counts through the first two flights of the October 2016 Pittsburgh Hammer. We had a total of 80 players enter Day 1 flights, with a total of 19 players advancing to Day 2. We have 6 more Day 1 flights over the next three days with a daytime flight at 12pm, and a nighttime flight at 7pm. 80 for the first day is a great start, and is on track with our Pittsburgh Hammer in May which drew 552 total players. We are looking forward to some big days moving forward, starting with Flight 1C Thursday at 12pm. You can find the full schedule of flights and satellites here,


Name Chips
Kannan Chandran 312,000
David Rees 214,500
Jerry Humphrey 192,000
Bernie Dominiak 141,500
Anthony Fields 123,500
Connor Arlia 123,000
Sean Rogan 120,000
Brian Volkert 111,500
Ryan Beck 97,500
Daniel Wolf 92,500
Robert Nolen 81,500
John Yocca 69,000
Nicholas Immekus 63,500
Jacob Holeczy 54,500
Matthew Boehm 48,000
Bobby Noel 44,000
James Hoy 42,000
John Kulp 39,000
Len Borowski 36,000

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