The Pittsburgh Hammer Ends in a Four Way Chop!


Left to Right Iverson Snuffer, Jerry Humphrey, John Horvatich and Christopher Davis


After a quick succession of all ins and knockouts, the final four players worked out a chop of the $67,732 remaining in the prize pool. Iverson Snuffer took home the Pittsburgh Hammer trophy and 1st place, which was well deserved after he steamrolled his way through the final 18 players. Iverson is a seasoned NLH tournament player with two Televised final tables under his belt, over $400,000 in career tournament winnings, and an impressive ranking of 810th in the Global Poker Index at the end of last year. The official payouts were,

1st $30,237 Iverson Snuffer
2nd $17,692 John Horvatich
3rd $11,120 Christopher Davis
4th $8,593 Jerry Humphrey

That is a wrap for the October Pittsburgh Hammer. Thank you to all the players who participated, making this the biggest field to ever come through The Rivers Poker Room! We are looking forward to bigger and better things, and continuing the growth we have seen here over the last few years. Next up for the Poker Room, Poker Night in America is coming as part as the Fall Pittsburgh Poker Open which will run from November 9th through November 22nd. A full schedule for The Fall Pittsburgh Poker Open will be available shortly on our website https://www.riverscasino.com/pittsburgh#sm.000j6ksd41abfevvrai2bvyo94t3w.

We are very excited to welcome the brand new Poker Hall of Famer Todd Brunson, as well as Poker Legends Eli Elezra, and Poker Night In America superstar Shaun Deeb in November. Full details of the lineup for the Poker Night in America Cash Games can be found at https://www.riverscasino.com/pittsburgh/casino/poker-room/pittsburgh-poker-open/#sm.000j6ksd41abfevvrai2bvyo94t3w.


The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 5th Place – Kenneth Johnston Jr. ($7,329)


Unfortunately, with several minutes of all ins and fast paced action, we missed the hand history for Kenneth Johnston Jr who got knocked out in 5th place. Kenneth did however play a short stack masterfully over the last few tables, as he was sitting with only 11 Big Blinds when we redrew at 18 players. Kenneth took home $7,329 for his impressive short stack work.


The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 7th Place – Kyle Harnish ($3,917)


7th place went to respected local cash and tournament player Kyle Harnish. (Great T-Shirt Kyle!) Short stacked, Kyle got all in pre-flop holding A♣ Q♣ and found himself in a good spot against Christopher Davis holding a K Q♠ . Unfortunately for Kyle, Christopher hit his K on the flop of K♦ 4 9. After the turn and river ran out J 8 Kyle was sent to the rail in 7th place taking  home $3,917 for his efforts.


The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 8th Place – Chuck Scaglione ($2,654)

img_09201After a slow start to the final table, the action has definitely picked up as we have had 2 players knocked out over the last 3 hands. While Iverson Snuffer did not get the knock out this time, it was not for lack of effort. Chuck Scaglione who had been getting blinded down the last few rounds ended up with his tournament life on the line in a 3 way pot involving Snuffer and Christopher Davis. All In pre flop holding 10 Q Chuck ended up getting called by Snuffer holding an A 10 as well as Christopher Davis who held A J . After a flop of 2♠ K♠ 10♠ and a turn of Q♠ Chuck had to be hopeful no one held a spade as Snuffer and Davis checked to see the river. An A hit the river, giving Chuck some hope with 2 pair, until Snuffer turned over a higher 2 pair, and Davis turned over his Broadway to send Chuck home in 8th place with $2,654. With the knockout, Christopher Davis padded his stack and climbed up over 2.5 million in chips.


The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 9th Place – Robert Poe ($1,896)



Robert Poe was knocked out in 9th place after working a short stack for the last several levels. Down to just under 5 big blinds, Poe found an A 10 to shove with. Chip Leader Iverson Snuffer woke up with A♠ A♣ and snap called the pre flop bet. The board ran out 3 2 6 J and 7♣ to send Poe home with an $1,896 cash in 9th place. The knock out pushes Snuffer farther into the lead as he now has his stack up over 5 Million.


The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 10th Place – Robert Nolen ($1,390)


Rivers Poker Room tournament regular Robert Nolen, a fixture at the final table of many big events here, is the first elimination of our final table. Robert got all-in pre-flop in a race with chip leader Iverson Snuffer. Nolen held  AQ♣ against the J J♣ of Snuffer. The board ran out 9♣ 10♠ 7♠ 6♣ 8♣ to give both players a straight, but Snuffer held the jacks to make the higher straight and send Nolen home. Nolen had been short stacked for the last several hours and did a great job to fight his way to his 10th place finish.


The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 Final Table

Iverson Snuffer                                         Jerry Humphrey

We are down to the final table in The Pittsburgh Hammer. Iverson Snuffer, an extremely accomplished part-time player from West Virginia continues to pace the field as the chip leader at close to 4,000,000 in chips. Jerry Humphrey, a fixture in the Main Events here at the Rivers has closed the gap a bit, sitting at around 3,300,000 in chips. The final table approximate chip counts and table draw is below.

Table Seat Name Approx. Chips
1 1 Iverson Snuffer 3,800,000
1 2 Jake Holeczy 1,800,000
1 3 Robert Nolen 800,000
1 4 Jerry Humphrey 3,300,000
1 5 John Horvatich 900,000
1 6 Robert Poe 500,000
1 7 Christopher Davis 800,000
1 8 Ken O’Malley 700,000
1 9 Chuck Scaglione 1,800,000
1 10 Kyle Harnish 500,000

The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 13th through 11th

Level 25 (25,000/50,000/5,000)
Total Pittsburgh Hammer Entries: 554
Players Remaining: 10
Chip Average: 1,490,000


(11th Place Barry Kohout)                         John Horvatich


Three more quick knockouts and we are down to the Final Table. Phillip Geisler Jr. finished in 13th ($1,390). Ricky Ali finished in 12th ($1,390) as he was the second knockout in a row by John Horvatich who has run his short stack up to just below average at 1,200,000. Barry Kohout became the final table bubble boy when his A♠ K♠ could not win the flip against Jerry Humphrey’s 9♣ 9as the board ran our 6 J♣ 8♥ 7 7♠. 


The Pittsburgh Hammer Day 2 Down to 13 Players

Level 24 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total Pittsburgh Hammer Entries: 554
Players Remaining: 13
Chip Average: 1,146,154

The action has been fast and furious on the final 2 tables. Shortly after redrawing to 2 tables, there was a flurry of knockouts, starting with Frank Dellaria in 18th Place. Pittsburgh Poker Open Spring Series Champion John Kulp was also knocked out, falling victim to the aggressive play of chip leader Iverson Snuffer. With 2 of the last 5 knockouts, Snuffer has run his chip lead up to over 3,000,000 in chips. Results and payouts for 19th through 14th are below,

14th $1,390 John Kulp
15th $1,390 Don Trenney
16th $1,074 Dean Burkhammer
17th $1,074 Kenneth Omalley
18th $1,074 Frank Dellaria
19th $1,074 Derrick Soulliere