TRPC Main Event (Day 2): Kevin Nugent And Terry Moore Eliminated; Players On The Money Bubble

Level 16 (3,000/6,000/500)
Total Entries: 56
Players Remaining: 7
Average Stack: 400,000 

Frank Guerra is once again over 300,000 after eliminating Kevin Nugent and the satellite winner is now a single player away from turning $100 into at least $3,911. 

Short stacks Kevin Nugent and Terry Moore were facing an uphill battle with eight left as both were holding on for dear life hoping to score a double-up. Both got their money with a chance to increase their stack, but had their respective runs cut short.

Nugent was the first to be eliminated among the two at the hands of Frank Guerra. Nugent shoved over the top of a Guerra open to 18,000 for about 80,000 total from the blinds and saw the bad news when his 7♣7 were up against the A♣A of Guerra. The board was no help to Nugent and he was sent out. That pot moved Guerra back over the 300,000 chip mark to 340,000.

A few orbits later, Moore shoved from under the gun for 68,000 and got a call from Connor Arlia on the button. It was a flip for Moore as he held two over cards A♠7 to the pair 66 of Arlia. The QQ5♠ flop wasn’t much help to Moore but the A on the turn left Arlia with two outs heading to the river. Unfortunately for Moore, one of those outs hit when the 6♣ came and sent the pot Arlia’s way. With the elimination, Arlia is now once again the chip leader with 725,000.

Players are now officially on the money bubble and will likely burst it after the dinner break, which they will be on in approximately 15 minutes. Following the dinner break, play will resume at 7:40pm.


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