TRPC (Day 2): Mark Bowersock Hits Even When He Misses

Level 12 (1,200/2,400/300)
Total Entries: 56
Players Remaining: 13
Average Stack: 215,000

Mark Bowersock is nearing 400,000 after taking a big pot off of Chang Lee where Bowersock missed a flush draw but ended up rivering trips to win the confrontation. 

Mark Bowersock came into Day 2 as one of the few players above 200,000 and has increased his stack to over 350,000 after a huge pot against Chang Lee where an unorthodox result played in Bowersock’s favor.

Bowersock and Lee went heads up in a battle of the blinds to a flop of 9♣4♠3♣ that saw Bowersock take the initiative and bet 12,000. Lee called and the 2♠ peeled on the turn.

Bowersock bet again, this time for 12,500 and Lee bumped the action up to 37,500. Without wasting any time, Bowersock flicked a 25,000 chip into the middle and the 2 hit the river.

Bowersock bet one last time for 75,000, leaving himself with about 105,000 behind. Playing 200,000 in his own stack, Lee faced a decision for a large portion of his chips. After evaluating the hand out loud for a few minutes, Lee decided to “go with his gut” as he put it, and called. Bowersock turned over 10♣2♣ for a missed flush draw that turned into rivered trips to take down the pot.

Lee mucked his hand and Bowersock is now closing in on 400,000 with only 13 players left on Day 2 of the TRPC Main Event.

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