TPRC (Day 2): Frank Dellaria Doubles Up Two

Level 17 (5,000/10,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 56
Players Remaining: 6
Average Stack: 467,000

Frank Dellaria came back from dinner break as the second biggest stack on the table and maintained that edge up until recently when he doubled up David Lipkin and Greg Brletich to give them new life and knock Dellaria down.

Brletich found his double in the preflop fashion. Dellaria opened to 30,000 from late position and Brletich moved all-in for 136,000 total from the small blind. Dellaria labored at the decision but found a call to put Brletich at risk with AJ. Brletich held QQ♠ and managed to avoid an ace on the board to move up to over 280,000.

Lipkin and Dellaria tangled a few hands later with Lipkin opening from the cutoff for 22,000 and Dellaria called from the big blind. Dellaria checked the K♣J♣9 flop to Lipkin who continued for 63,000 more. Dellaria called and then checked the 7 turn. Lipkin moved all-in for his last 175,000 and Dellaria called. Lipkin held AA♠ for an overpair to Dellaria’s KQ♠ that gave him outs to trips, two pair and a straight. Fortunately for Lipkin, the river was a brick and his stack is back up to 420,000.

Following the two set backs, Dellaria is down to 120,000 and will need a double up of his own soon to remain in contention.

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