TRPC (Day 1B): Two Relative Unknowns Making Their Presence Felt

Level 7 (400/800/100)
Total Entries: 56
1B Entrants: 40

Most, if not all of the players featured over the two Day 1 flights have had past success at Rivers Poker Room tournaments or found success elsewhere. Two players who are currently at the top of the leaderboard have little to none recorded success in tournaments and are perhaps using that unknown quality to their advantage.

Jordan Hunsicker recently recorded his first listed cash at a tournament in Las Vegas as part of the Aria Poker Classic. That score was worth $1,310 to Hunsicker and he is using that momentum to propel his stack up to 200,000 with the closure of Day 1B in sight. 
Kevin Nugent does not have any live tournament cashes to his name despite occasionally dabbling in online play. Nugent eliminated a player once the action restarted after dinner and is now stacking close to 250,000 which puts him for now at the chip lead. 

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