TRPC (Day 1B): David Lackey’s Stoic Nature Closes In On Day 2

Level 9 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entries: 56
1B Entrants: 40

Many in poker consider it to be GTO to keep your emotions in check at the table and not overreact to things out of your control. Some of the more successful players adhere faithfully to this philosophy as it has paid multiple dividends for them. Based on his even-keeled nature displayed here on Day 1B and in past poker tournaments, it would appear that this method to playing through long days is fully subscribed to by David Lackey as his past results speak volumes, while he does not.

David Lackey’s quiet nature at the poker table is not to be underestimated. Lackey has just under $65,000 in career tournament earnings and is in the midst of one of his more successful years. In 2016 alone, Lackey has cashed for over $20,000 and is coming off of a final table appearance at the Hollywood Poker Open in Charles Town, WV for a $14,000 score. Lackey is peacefully grinding his way through Day 1B and will look to continue to build on his stack of 95,000 before the end of the play. 

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