TPRC (Day 1B): Last Break Of The Day Hits; Hunt For The Bag Continues

Level 9 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entries: 56
1B Entrants: 40

Players are currently on their last break of Day 1B and will return to find themselves only two levels from a bag and a trip to Day 2. Dave Serkoch currently holds the chip lead with just over 225,000 in his stack. There are a few players looking to catch Serkoch that are currently hovering around the 150,000 range including Frank Dellaria, Greg Brletich and Mark Bowersock, who has recovered nicely from the beat he took at the hand of Dellaria earlier this evening.

Once the bags get brought out, the Rivers Poker Blog will provide chip counts for the top stacks advancing to Day 2 along with the amount of players who have punched their ticket. As it stands now, 18 players remain and the tournament staff is in the process of balancing tables so there are two in play for the remainder of the night.

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