TRPC (Day 1A): Three Levels Left On Day 1A

TRPC Main Event
Level 8 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entries: 19

With the elimination of Ryan Slanicka, the field is now down to eight in the first flight of the Three Rivers Poker Challenge Main Event. Travis Hartshorn has regained the chip lead and is closing in on 350,000 which gives him over 30 percent of the chips in play.

Frank Guerra and Brian Patterson have seen their respective stacks slips to under 40,000 and while both players still have a workable stack in front of them, they will each be trying to chip up over the final three levels tonight in order to bring a larger stack into Day 2.

At the conclusion of this level, players will be on their final break of the night before returning to play the last two levels of the night.

Travis Hartshorn leads the eight remaining players on Day 1A of the TRPC Main Event and will look to wield his chip lead over the last three levels of the night. 

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