The Hammer

The Hammer: Complete Day 1E and 1F Chip Counts

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total ‘The Hammer’ Entrants: 310
Total Day 1E & 1F Entrants: 139
Total Day 1A-1F Advanced Players: 78
Chip Average: 99,360

Two more The Hammer starting flights are in the books and that means that we are 75% of the way home. The busiest day of the series still remains though, with two starting flights running on Saturday, at 12 PM and 7 PM. While a big stack didn’t come from the Day 1E or 1F fields, there are a handful of players who are in good spots moving forward.

Chang Lee finished top, with 185,000 and Brian Patterson and Jason Schanbacher finished just under that number. They’ll lead the 1E and 1F contingent into Day 2, which now has nearly 80 players confirmed for that rest. A complete list of yesterday’s survivors is provided below:

Name Chips
Lee, Chang 185,000
Patterson, Brian 179,500
Schanbacher, Jason 177,500
Snead, Calvin 176,000
DiPaolo, Joseph 169,000
Baldinger, Maria 167,000
Tenenbaum, Richie 164,000
Campbell, Lucas 162,000
Stein, Russ 127,500
Romea, Rick 117,000
Sosa, Will 114,000
Parli, Sean 114,000
Stevens, Andrew 111,500
Trosky, Alan 105,000
Stout, Phil 97,500
Ruettgers Jr, Gerald 93,000
Dellaria, Frank 89,000
Immel, Ben 86,000
Vukich, Chris 85,000
Letcher, Ernie 84,500
Dellaria, Frank 81,500
Humphrey, Jerry 78,000
Nolen, Robert 75,500
Haywood, William 74,000
Donahue, Gerard 71,000
Campbell, Roman 65,000
Wallace, Ed 64,500
Alfera, John 56,500
Kohan, Steve 50,000
Stepanovich, Eli 50,000
Vassilaros, Sherry 48,000
Carter, Jay 45,500
Nitkowski, Michael 37,500
Ostadali, Allen 37,000
Borowski, Len 37,000

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