The Hammer

The Hammer: Complete Day 1C and 1D Chip Counts

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total ‘The Hammer’ Entrants: 171
Total Day 1C & 1D Entrants: 79
Total Day 1A, B, C & D Advanced Players: 43
Chip Average: 99,400

We’re midway through ‘The Hammer’ schedule , as four of eight starting flights have played out. Those four starting flights have been on the two lightest days also, meaning that we should see four massive fields come together over the next two days.

Joe Domyslaski’s top stack from the first day is still holding as the clubhouse leader but David Tesner did his best to catch him yesterday. He finished with 259,000 and the closest player through either Day 1C or 1D was David Lundie. He finished with 154,000, good for second through yesterday’s sessions.

In total, 20 players bagged Thursday, pushing the advanced player number to 43 through four flights. A complete list of the advancing players through yesterday’s Day 1C and 1D flights is provided below:

Tesner, David 259,000
Lundie, David 154,500
Williams, Frederick 140,500
Walters, Glen 139,500
Folcik, Denis 136,500
Kappernnaros, James 115,500
Cavanaugh, Ed 100,500
Colonello, Rick 97,500
Pilossoph, Billy 97,500
Kelly, Sean 93,500
Conner, P. Scott 90,500
Lucas, Joe 90,500
Vilardi, Robert 80,500
Porter, Sean 73,000
Curotola, Bob 69,000
Parry, Scott 63,000
Loorey, Matthew 57,500
McFeeley, Todd 50,500
Hartshorn, Travis 41,000
Chicase, Andrew 36,500


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