The Hammer

The Hammer: Complete Day 1A & 1B Chip Counts

Level 13 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Day 1A & 1B Entrants: 92
Total Day1A & 1B Advanced Players: 23
Chip Average: 100,000

The first two ‘The Hammer’ starting lights are in the books, meaning that we are a quarter of the way to Sunday’s Day 2 restart. In total, 92 players took their seats through Day 1A and 1B, with 23 of those players finding the bags and advancing.

Joe Domyslaski bagged the biggest stack and then some, finishing with 294,000. His next closest competitor, Matt Bochkoris, ended with just under 200,000, meaning that Domysklaski is a sizable clubhouse leader heading into today’s starting flights.

Day 1C and 1D will run today, starting at 12 PM and 7 PM respectively and a complete list of 1A and 1B survivors is provided below:

Domyslaski, Joe 294,400
Bochkoris, Matt 199,000
Andrews, Kyle 157,500
Ginting, Usman 153,000
Palarino, Jeff 145,500
Norman, Mike 138,500
Chandran, Kannan 119,500
Cumberledge, Jeremy 115,000
Schwartz, Gary 110,500
Short, Thomas 100,500
Rizzo, Chad 97,500
Finberg, Richard 95,500
Kulp, Brian 75,500
Scott, Randy 75,000
Ray, Deborah 72,500
Scaglione, Chuck 70,000
Ali, Ricky 52,000
Lipkin, David 52,000
Gusak, Stepan 46,500
Hoellew, Jon 43,000
Marbury, Darrell 38,000
Yang, I-Ta 34,000
Cinti, Ross 28,000

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