PNIA Main Event (Day 3): 4th Place – Dave Serkoch ($19,904)

PNIA Main Event
Level 24 (30,000/60,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 270
Total Remaining Players: 3
Chip Average: 4,500,000 (75 bb)

Dave Serkoch- 4th Place ($19,904)

John Kulp’s run good has been well documented over the course of the last few days and it has continued this last level at the expense of Dave Serkoch’s tournament life.


Action started with Jonathan Love raising from under the gun and getting calls from Serkoch in the small blind and Kulp in the big blind. Action checked to Love on the K♠6♣5 flop and he continued for 250,000.

Serkoch responded with a min-raise to 500,000 that was called by Kulp and Love. Following the 9♠ turn, Serkoch led for 800,000 that was followed up by Kulp with an all in bet for about 3,100,000 total.

Love went into the tank and counted his stack numerous times before finding a fold. Serkoch did the same before calling off his final 2,100,000 with K8 Kulp turned over 8♣7 for the nut straight leaving Serkoch looking for a seven to chop the pot. He did not find it on the 10♣ river and Kulp scooped the massive pot with his straight.

Love claimed to have folded pocket aces which would have left him drawing dead had he committed his remaining chips. As it stands, he still has 2,125,000 and will have plenty of work to do against Kulp’s monster stack of 8,300,000. Eli Stepanovich has remained quiet so far, but is hanging in with just over 3,000,000.

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