PNIA Main Event (Day 3): 3rd Place – Eli Stepanovich ($25,142)

PNIA Main Event
Level 24 (30,000/60,000/10,000)
Total Entries: 270
Total Remaining Players: 2
Chip Average: 6,750,000 (113 bb)

Eli Stepanovich – 3rd Place ($25,142)

Death, taxes, and John Kulp running pure. Three inevitable things in life with the latter becoming more and more prominent by the moment.

His latest victim is Eli Stepanovich and while Stepnaovich was able to get his money in with the best of it, that made no difference to the forces behind Kulp’s run over the last few days.

Stepanovich opened the action by limping from the button before facing a raise from Kulp out of the small blind to 280,000. After some thought, Stepanovich moved all in for his last 1,760,000. Kulp thought long and hard about the decision and ended up calling with 44 which trailed the 77♣ of Stepanovich.

The A♣3♣3 flop brought Kulp some additional backdoor outs which were strengthened by the 2 on the turn. With his rail cheering for a five, they found it on the 5 river to give Kulp a straight. A clearly anguished Stepanovich graciously shook hands with Kulp and took his leave in 3rd place earning $25,142.

Kulp will come into heads up play versus Jonathan Love with a commanding chip lead of 11,700,000 to Love’s 1,800,000.

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