PNIA Main Event (Day 2): 9th Place and 8th Place – Robin Miller ($5,500) & Casey Yontz ($6,809)

PNIA Main Event
Level 23 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 270
Total Remaining Players: 7
Chip Average: 1,928,000 (48 bb)

Casey Yontz – 8th Place ($6,809)
Robin Busto
Robin Miller – 9th Place ($5,500)

The big eliminations that have occurred on Day seem to have carried over to the final table as Robin Miller and Casey Yontz just saw their tournament’s end at the hands of John Kulp.

Following an open by Yontz to 90,000 from early position, Kulp called as did Shaun Deeb and Miller from the blinds. After a J♣94♠ flop, Deeb and Miller checked to Yontz who moved all in for his final 400,000.

Kulp found a call as did Miller and it would be Kulp leading with his A♠A♣ against the K♣K♠ of Yontz and the QJ♠ of Miller.

The turn and river were blanks and Kulp now finds himself sitting on 1,950,000. Due to having Miller covered, Yontz earns $6,809 for his finish and Miller will take home $5,500.

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