PNIA Main Event (Day 2): Rick Kaplan Catches A Ten To Survive

PNIA Main Event
Level 17 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 270
Total Remaining Players: 42
Chip Average: 321,000 (40 bb)

Rick Kaplan just found himself all in and behind before hitting a two-outer to give him new life in the Poker Night in America Main Event. 

The moments near the bubble are among the most perilous in all of poker and Rick Kaplan experienced nearly all forms of terror in a recent hand against David Eldridge.

Following an open from Eldridge to 16,000 from early position, both Nick Immekus and Kaplan called from the blinds to see a 654♠ flop. Action checked to Kaplan who bet 25,000 only to be raised by Eldridge to 61,000. Immekus quickly got out of the way and after a moment of contemplation, Kaplan moved all in for 167,000 total which Eldridge called instantly.

Eldridge held Q3 for an overcard and a straight draw against the 10♠10 of Kaplan. The Q hit the turn leaving Kaplan drawing to one of the two remaining tens in the deck. Fortunately for him, the 10 hit the river to give Kaplan a third ten and new life in the tournament. Kaplan now sits with 340,000 while Eldridge has been knocked back to 150,000.

There are still 12 players remaining before the bubble bursts and surely many players will be going through their own moments of peril similar to Kaplan. Approximately 30 minutes remain in Level 17.

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