PNIA Main Event (Day 2): Jonathan Love Takes The Chip Lead In Dramatic Fashion

PNIA Main Event
Level 21 (10,000/20,000/3,000)
Total Entries: 270
Total Remaining Players: 14
Chip Average: 964,000 (48 bb)

Jonathan Love now leads the Poker Night in America Main Event after flopping middle set and finding a double when his opponent picked a poor opportunity to try and bluff with only 10-high. 

Jonathan Love has flown under the radar for most of Day 2, but that script has quickly changed as he now leads the field by a wide margin.

In a blind versus blind battle, ‘Richie Tenenbaum’ limped in and Love raised the action to 50,000. Tenenbaum re-raised to 150,000 and Love called to see a flop of Q♣82. Tenenbaum led out for 225,000 after the flop only to be raised by Love to 525,000 total.

Tenenbaum responded by moving all in for 1,126,000 more, having Love covered. Love snapped called with 8♣8♠ for middle set while Tenenbaum could only muster 105 for 10-high. The board bricked out for Tenenbaum and Love now finds himself sitting with 2,910,000 chips. Tenenbaum would be eliminated a few hands later and play is now down to 14 players.

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