PNIA Main Event (Day 1A): Kelley Climbing, Last Level Of The Night

PNIA Main Event
Level 14 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entries: 116

Jay Kelley is seated at one of the tougher tables in this Day 1A flight but that hasn’t stopped him from building a top stack. He’s currently working 270,000 heading into the final two levels of the night.

With three players remaining in Event 30, they’ve elected to chop up the remaining prize pool, with each taking home $10,000. They’ll now play it out for the PPO trophy and an additional $3,000 going to 1st place, so while they sort that out, we hopped across the room to check in on the Poker Night in America Main Event.

Most of the big stacks that we highlighted after the dinner break have held their spots on the leaderboard but there are a few new names, including Jonathan Love. Love is currently sitting second with 345,000 and the only player he’s behind is Nicholas Immekus. The recent PPO title winner and current Points Champion leader is playing just over 550,000, crushing one of the more stacked tables in left in this Day 1A flight.

Jay Kelley is the second biggest stack at that table, one that includes Jack Schanbacher and Casey Yontz. Those two players are each working just over 125,000 chip stacks but are still off the pace of the chip leaders. This field is just about to move into Level 14, with an update of the bigger stacks in the room provided below:

Nicholas Immekus – 560,000
Jonathan Love – 345,000
Shaun Deeb – 280,000
David Eldridge – 275,000
Jay Kelley – 270,000
Jake Sung – 265,000
Todd McFeeley – 255,000

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