Event 30, PPO

Event 30 (Day 2): Pisano Takes Pole Position

PPO Event 30
Level 24 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 115
Remaining Players: 3
Chip Average: 1,530,000

James Pisano has gone from worst to first over the last two levels, as he’s now sitting with over half the chips in play three-handed.

After a pretty uneventful start to post-dinner play, this Event 30 final table blew up with two massive hands just a few minutes from break. When the dust settled, it was James Pisano at the top of the leaderboard, coming back from the bottom of the totem pole to take pole position heading into Level 24.

He’s working close to half the chips in play and with his two opponents playing between 20 and 30 big blinds, they’re relatively short three-handed. Add in the fact that each orbit will cost players 75,000 and this Event 30 title could be decided sooner, rather than later.

Regardless of how this three-handed table plays out, the PPO blog will be here to bring you all the action until a ‘Deep Stack’ champion is crowned. A complete list of the remaining chip counts is provided below:

  1. James Pisano – 2,400,000
  2. Travis Hartshorn – 1,250,000
  3. Richard Finberg – 1,040,000

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